Reiki in Different Professions

Reiki is indeed for everyone. Every body is different and every person has had different life experiences. The one thing we all have in common is simple, it’s energy!

Healing energy exists in the body but depletes when you are sick or stressed. Reiki helps to increase your supply of healing energy. This increased flow of healing energy sets the stage for your body, mind and spirit to heal itself. Reiki does not promise specific results but helps to create openings where more good things are possible.

Below are ways Reiki is integrated into various fields and/or professions:

Athletes: Reiki is great for immediate first aid on strained muscles. It also speeds the healing of new and even old injuries and is complementary to any form of health care.

Business and corporate: Reiki helps affect the odds on all the thousands of factors that go into business success, from finding the right job to improving the organizational culture to find the best business strategy to distant healing to encourage receivables. On-site classes are available.

Healthcare professionals: Healthcare professionals use Reiki to help themselves better handle the stress and demands on the job, and even to do distant healing work for special patients. Since Reiki works in a different way than modern medicine, it is complementary and often very effective on things modern medicine finds difficult, including pain management, migraines and stress. Supports calm confidence in surgery and other treatment situations.

Intuitive readers: Reiki tends to make intuitive gifts clearer and easier to use. Reiki gives readers a powerful tool to support positive change in their clients by using Reiki to introduce new transformative energy into difficult situations. Lightworkers and energy healers typically report at least a 50% increase in healing energy after learning Reiki. Reiki makes use of the same energy channels that most healers are used naturally, but sources it differently. Reiki is a touch therapy of choice for much dis-ease.

Massage therapists: Many massage therapists use Reiki on themselves for self-care and when treating clients to bring additional healing relaxation and a sense of well-being to their clients. Some massage therapists offer Reiki as a separate service and many others integrate Reiki healing into the relaxation and therapeutic massage protocols.

Parents and caregivers: Reiki training his family members tools they can use to bring new levels of caring, calming and pain relief to their families and any situation and at any distance.

Real estate agents: Real estate professionals use Reiki to get the right buyer in the right house space clearing helps each house feel more welcoming, more like home and removes any unpleasant heavy energy left by the previous occupants.

Soldiers: Reiki has been taught to soldiers and it has become clear that there are many good uses from handling the stress of living in a hostile land far from home to healing the minor aches and pains from an active life.

Students: Reiki is great for stress of school. It helps rejuvenate the mind, aid memory and sort priorities to help students find increased opportunities and success in their studies.

Reiki is for everyone! Hope you are having a great day – peace!

Source: Healing Arts Connection, Phoenix, AZ