The Expectations vs. Reality Trap

I think most will agree that goals are important. Often we see them as building blocks but can they sometimes be stumbling blocks? This is where the expectations versus reality trap is set. We have hopes, desires and dreams, all for the good in our own lives and those around us. We set goals with positive intentions. Sometimes those goals are met and sometimes we don’t come close. Sometimes we don’t even make the first step towards that goal. So what happens when you set a goal with good intentions and the end result is not met? Subconsciously our egos take a hit. We may not even notice or we may become extremely frustrated, upset or even angry. Why didn’t we reach our goal? What was it that “got in the way?” We may struggle for answers and we may struggle for solutions. What we fail to often realize is that there are so many factors that we have no control over that do not allow us to accomplish our goals. Frustration sets in when we try to control the uncontrollable. We have to trust that sometimes our goals are not met for particular reasons. What kind of reasons are they? Perhaps there is something better on the horizon. Perhaps a goal being accomplished will take us on a path we weren’t meant to be on. Do you trust that when a goal isn’t met, that it wasn’t met for a purpose or a particular reason? Do you get frustrated if you do not know why a goal wasn’t met? If so, why? The same applies to relationships. We have expectations of loved ones, friends, coworkers and members of our own “society.” What happens when expectations are not met with those people? There can be hurt, there can be pain and there can be frustration. If we recognize goals as a guide and do not allow them to guide us, we will be in a much better position of understanding the paths that we are all on. Understanding is acceptance. Once we are able to accept, we are able to move forward. If we do not accept, the same “unattained goals” potentially can dim our reality. Seek to understand that “unattained goals” are stepping blocks so they do not become stumbling ones. As always, I welcome your feedback. Have a great day!