Why Corporate Culture Sucks

When someone says something sucks, it literally sucks the energy out of you. If you participate (work) or have participated (professionally or personally) in that environment, you know exactly what I am talking about. When I got notice my job was being moved “in office,” I told my manager that the office environment was “toxic” and I didn’t want to be a part of that again, still with the understanding that I had no choice. She was always cool and allowed me to express my opinions freely without repercussions (at least I thought 😉). Kidding aside, she is very special to me and talked me off the ledge a few times and I hope she knows how much I love her for who she is. Working in the field, you are somewhat protected from the toxicity of “the office.” You don’t have to hear the water tank talk about so and so, and this and that. In office, you hear it, see it and feel it. When you have a highly sensitive energy field, it’s full blast. Corporations are a top down system just like so many systems in our “society.” In a box (cubicle), in a box (building), in a box (society). Notice the layers on top of your creativity? Heads buried in the sand because regardless, its paycheck to paycheck and we all have bills, right? 401k, pension (if you are extremely lucky), healthcare, the “perks” go on and on. The “Golden Handcuffs” we called them. The company knows it, you know it but it doesn’t have to be that way. Find the golden key!

They say it’s a “dog eat dog” world and the irony is, we need to be like dogs, not work like them. Dogs are unconditionally loving, loyal, strong, compassionate, sensitive and the list goes on…. So, often it seems to be a “human eat human” world lol. Everyone has a specific job to do in the organization, right? Somebody is paying you a certain amount of money, well because guess what, your job “sucks” (as we just defined it) and nobody will do it for free. If you are working, you are not loving what you do.

I understand, technology is important (see prior post Cell Free Found Me) but like everything it has its limits. Wait, technology is “limitless” right? True, but at what cost? Number, numbers, numbers… We had “tools” for everything. Tracked tasks, time to do this and time to do that. It seemed more than ¾ of the job was to justify why I had one! I was an insurance fraud investigator and the “investigation” had become the least of what brought me to my position to begin with! We had multiple “huddles” to discuss the numbers that I am pretty sure nobody cared about. Each person’s stats were on the board and if you were in the red, “shame on you!” Fellow employees called them shame boards. Things changed so fast that before anything “made sense” because nothing did, it would get changed again! Talk about creating inefficiencies.

So, when you treat people like machines, they get pissed, then you have a pissed off product and pissed off customers. The result, an organization truly loses its identity not only to its customers but to its employees, its most valuable a$$ets! Stay true to what got you where you are. Stay true to your roots. Hug your roots!

P.S. I understand this is simply my perspective and I value your perspective. Feel free to comment! Peace