Americas Game or Americas Shame?

Before you read any further, please understand that I am a fan of the game of football and I do participate in a “fantasy” league. So here goes….

With kick-off of that season in the league of football (don’t think I am allowed to used their initials due to copyright issues). Living rooms, sports bars and patios are abuzz with the start of THE season. What does it mean to you? To us it means the sounds of whistles, announcer voices and crowds roaring in excitement. In Arizona, it also means cooler weather is on the way. But what does “THE GAME” bring to us? The commercials, the advertising, the nature of the content and the physical and mental consequences of the game itself to not only the participants but the fans? It’s kind of a struggle as it is a sport that dictates how life and discipline intersect and how we need each other. It also shows how violent of a “sport” it truly is with men running into each other at full speed, colliding, sacrificing their bodies in the name of “entertainment.” Fans in the crowd yell at opposing players, coaches and fans. Cameras leave the “field of play” to go to commercials for medications (that we “need” with the laundry list of side effects), alcohol or the vehicles that most of us truly can’t afford. After the commercials, the camera goes to a cheerleader wearing limited “attire.” Is this league a microcosm of what is wrong with our “society?” Players are not allowed to use natural healing methods but are able to take “medications” like candy. The biggest supporter on the “War on Drugs” are the alcohol companies whose signs dangle from every bleacher in the league. What are WE putting out there? What are WE supporting? Think about “that.” I’m going to go watch “a game” and ponder a few things.