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Everything we do in life is directly impacted by our vibrations we’re sending both consciously and unconsciously. Hidden baggage from trauma, stress, loss, or fear can seriously get in the way of living our purpose and enjoying life, people, and even business. Our vibrations either prevent or permit us from receiving our ultimate source of life: LOVE.

My Reiki (i.e. physical, emotional, and spiritual energy balancing) and intuitive energy healing (i.e. “psychic”) sessions are designed to join healing life power to your unique history and self for lasting impact in your heart, body, spirit and mind.

Select from the following outcomes:


For Individuals:

Relaxation – Removes tension from your mind and muscles alleviating stress-induced aches, pains or headaches

Recovery – Aids in healing emotional wounds and their physical/mental symptoms for victims of trauma, violence and/or addiction

Personal Guidance – “I supply, YOU fly!” I’ll provide insight and guidance as you find your own answers for upcoming decisions, personal relationships or anything that’s on your heart, mind and soul. Remove self-limiting mindsets, beliefs and systems so you can be your best self

Medical Aid – Ushers self-healing on a cellular level for supplying your body with energy to heal from dis-ease,  replenish after surgery or as a complement to medical treatments, and more

Psychological – Helps to overcome mental health issues such as PTSD, depression, anxiety or OCD

Weight Loss – Restores the body’s ability to remove toxins from stress and negative energy contributing to excess weight gain and malfunctioning body processes

Chakra Balancing – Sometimes life throws us off balance – I have a pendulum and we have FUN resetting your body, mind and spirit into re-alignment

*All in-person Reiki sessions generally last about an hour and can be hands ON or hands OFF (fully clothed). Distant (via phone, Skype, social media messaging or text) Reiki sessions are a minimum of 30 minutes and does not need to be used in “1” session. For the fullest experience possible, I recommend enhancing sessions essential oil aids to activate the senses. See Service Aids for details.

For Businesses:

Business Consulting – Let me help you reach or exceed your business goals by supplying invigorating energy to remove perceived blocks and challenges preventing you from reaching your goals. After working one-on-one with me, business owners report greater clarity, focus and vision

First consult is FREE! (even though they told me not to use that four letter word!)

Team Building – I come to your office and work to re-calibrate your team members where they need it most. Perfect for corporate or small businesses who want to improve their team’s connectivity, bond, trust and collaboration (aka synergy!)

Corporate Events or Workshops – I entertain and motivate crowds of all sizes, ages and walks of life as a speaker and motivator

For Animals:

Reiki for cats, dogs and horses – Relaxation and energy re-balancing in pets or working animals experiencing behavioral issues as a result of abuse, neglect or mistreatment or for general health

For Personal Events and Parties:

Oracle Card Readings – It’s all positive and ALL LOVE – What are you angels trying to “tell” you?

Fortune Telling – Become more in-tune with yourself after brief Reiki.

Ordaining Couples for Marriage – I am an Ordained Minister through the Universal Life Church. If the Reiki helped you find your soulmate, let’s make a date!


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