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What is Reiki?

Reiki, the Japanese word for universal life force, is energy work used heal the body, mind, and spirit since ancient times. You can read more about Reiki here.

What is intuitive energy healing? 

Intuitive energy healing or “psychic” readings are messages sent from an external force through me to you. As I was taught and believe, the messages I receive are from angels. Most importantly, the messages I receive are inspired by the most powerful force on earth: LOVE. As an empath, I am able to focus inward and feel words others need to hear in particular moments.

Is Reiki a religion?

No, Reiki is not a religion and is not the worship of any deity, person, god, or power. It is an art form.

Is Reiki evil?

No, Reiki is not evil. While there are art forms which imitate Reiki, they come from a different source. Reiki is not Black Magic or witchcraft. It is derived from LOVE and is positive life energy that brings lasting healing from the source of life itself.

What can I expect in my Reiki session?

Every session is different because each person is unique. Sessions vary according to each person’s energy and what Love knows they need at the time. I will always ask your preference and sessions can be conduced in various ways, for example through conversation, in silence, with music – there are really no hard, fast rules for Reiki, I just go with the flow and want to make you feel comfortable. As I like to say, Reiki knows.

Do I have to lay down during Reiki?

Only if it makes you feel comfortable. When I Reiki you, there is not a certain way of doing things. We can be having coffee, hanging out listening to music, talking on the phone, laying down, standing up…you get the point. You position yourself in a way that makes you feel most at ease and I do Reiki.

Do I have to be touched during my Reiki sessions?

No, you do not have to be physically touched in any way to receive the benefits of Reiki. Energy is not limited by space, time, distance, or objects. It is ever present and can be felt whether I am laying hands on you or if I am conducting a session with you through the phone.

How long does my session last?

Reiki sessions are typically 1 hour long.

How long should I continue having sessions?

There are no timelines for Reiki as every individual requires a different plan. I recommend a minimum of one session every two weeks for a minimum of 4 – 6 months. Of course, this also depends on the complexity of your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental state and the results you would like to see from your sessions.

Will there be side effects after the Reiki session?

After receiving Reiki, you may experience slight side effects including a feeling of butterflies in your stomach, dizziness, deep relaxation, and in rare cases, headaches.